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Invisible to Visible Actors

Put On Your ChromaDepth© 3D Glasses!

Haunted Nightmare? Where are your actors?

The audience is in line. Where are the actors?

10% to 20% of actors can be no shows.

Even with a good reason, it hurts operations.

"Aisle13" to your rescue. "Invisible to Visible Actors" show up every night.

They appear from nowhere, startle then disappear. Invisible to Visible to Invisible. You control the sequence.

See More Examples Below

ALL NEW from 'Aisle13'...IVA's do not make excuses!!!

"Baby sitter didn't show"; "Car broke down"; "Dog ate my makeup"

"Aisle13" Invisible to Visible Actors are with you every night, season after season. IVA's don't gripe. Don't take breaks.

IVA's don't ask for anything.

IVA's do their job, they startle. IVA's are unseen until you decide.

YOU control IVA's.

Ever "really" control an actor?

With IVA's, you are in control.

IVA's are invisible until super bright LED's are switched on with,
a P.I.R. Motion Switch (Photo InfraRed), Interupted Beam, Foot Pad Switch, or a Manual Switch. IVA's come complete, or build your own hardware and save. DIY from a vendor? Our 'PsychoPrints' are magic that makes the illusion happen. Hardware is your decision, buy (some assembly required) or build & save. IVA's will come to life either way. They last many seasons.

IVA's, startle (scare) NOW. With or without actors. You control IVA's. IVA's are on time, on the job for every performance. There is never a stop in the action. IVA's stay in character.

IVA's are new, born from technology at "Aisle13". They Flash-on, they Flash-off. Your audience will be startled and never know if the IVA's are real or not.

"What was that? Did you see that?"

Most of our Wall Panels can become IVA's.
Here are just a few examples.
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^ WW 004 ^

^ CH 2 & 11 ^

^ Satan 05 ^

^ Satan 09 ^

^ MC 02 ^

^ MC 04 ^

^ MC 03 ^

^ Satan 04 ^

^ Satan 01 ^

^ Satan 10 ^

 Coming Soon
^ IVA 01 ^

 Coming Soon
^ IVA 02 ^

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