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As a Division of Design Dynamics, Inc., Pittsburgh Poster is the direct printing link to: advertising agencies, other printers that require a large format/volume out-source, outdoor advertising companies that own billboard structures, political candidates from coast to coast and major national food distribution chains.


Pittsburgh Poster is a large format printer and manufacturer of serigraphic, digital and hybrid products that include:

For more information about any of the above items, see our Products and Services.



Design Dynamics, Inc. & Pittsburgh Poster are both located in Western Pennsylvania's Beaver County, 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and 18 minutes from the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. This HUB adds a special dimension to shipping with excellent ties to FedEx Express, FedEx Ground ,UPS, Airborne, and all of the airlines that land at PIT. Need an order on the next plane out?


When? and How?

Our parent company Design Dynamics, Inc. is celebrating it's 48th Anniversary in the year 2020. The company was co-founded by two enterprising entrepreneurs in 1972 and was capitalized with 350 dollars borrowed on a bank charge card. Imagine that!

Beginning as printers of T-shirts, success came overnight. Our Advanced ink technology brought in clients like National Lampoon Magazine because no other company in the country could print their "Mona Gorilla" T-shirts. Since T-shirts were a seasonal product, and since both co-founders had backgrounds in outdoor advertising, the evolution to printing large format billboard posters was a natural.

Pittsburgh Poster originated several years ago as an extended marketing tool to accurately define our geographic location and primary industry products.

Today's Technology!

We're ahead of the times and always have been.

Design Dynamics has manufactured all of the screen-printing ink used at Pittsburgh Poster since 1992 and continues to spearhead research, development and implementation of advanced chemistry, robotics, digital and computer technology. Normally, printers do not make their own inks.

This is an exciting time to lead the way with major industry breakthroughs utilizing lasers, robotics and film-less photo printing.

Yet... we still maintain our laid back understanding of reality. Casual Corporate Friday dress days are an every day thing for us.

We treat every client as if they are our only client. Your order now, today, is the only thing that matters. We'll get it out!

Our offices are in the middle of the plant. When you order from us, WE KNOW where your order is.

Contact us, we want to help you and we can help you. We listen to your needs.

How can we help you? Call us, we'll know how.

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Pittsburgh Poster
2920 Duss Ave., Ambridge, PA USA 15003-0055
Toll Free: 1-866-809-4731
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