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Clear Channel Outdoor-Tucson, Arizona, recently switched from paper outdoor billboard posters to a retro-fit of all their structures for Eco Polyethylene Poster installation.

Since July 2008 Clear Channel-Tucson has successfully posted our GlowFlex™ Fluorescent wet strength paper posters. Beginning in August of 2010 they began posting our GlowFlex™ PolyPosters, the brightest polyethylene billboard posters available on this planet, printed with our Xtreme Ink.

Judging from these October showing POP photos, supplied by Clear Channel. Operations in Tucson did a fantastic job with their hardware changeover for polyethylene posters. Jim Riegleman from ADvise in San Diego, Crossroads of the West’s advertising agency, shared these photos to demonstrate what great installations Clear Channel-Tucson is achieving with our GlowFlex™ PolyPosters.

We couldn’t ask for, or even imagine, better installations. Seeing their wonderful success, poster after poster illustrates the tremendous accuracy Tucson Operations accomplished with their polyethylene retro-fit at each and every location.

Their excellent work makes our GlowFlex™ PolyPosters look their best and brightest. These are the same spec posters we ship coast-to-coast to Clear Channel and CBS Markets.

Thank you Clear Channel-Tucson for making us look so Terrific In Tucson. They certainly get our appreciation and applause for a job well done.

There is a lot of exacting work required to correctly retrofit an entire Metro Market from traditional billboard paper poster installations to polyethylene. This is why we have such great gratitude for the job done so well at each Clear Channel, CBS and Lamar Outdoor location coast-to-coast.

Great installations make our posters stand out even more. We’re proud to look this
Terrific in Tucson.

“Part Art...Part Science...All Technology and Always Seen.”

All photos in this publication are supplied by Clear Channel-Tucsom, AZ. We name the source to verify authenticity. There is no re-touching, enhancement or alteration of the photos because none is necessary. All posters were printed with GlowFlex™ Xtreme Inks, formulated and manufactured by Design Dynamics, Inc. This publication and all of it’s elements are the copyrighted intellectual property of Design Dynamics, Inc. with all rights reserved, and shall not be used or reproduced for any purpose. Copyright 2010

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