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Memphis is a marvelous city. Known as the home of the Blues; Elvis’ home Graceland (second most visited home in the USA; The Whitehouse is number one); International BBQ Cooking Contest; infamous Beale Street and the exciting Mid-South Fair.

Mid-South Fair is a yearly Memphis tradition. This year the people at Mid-South Fair wanted extra special advertising. They asked for the brightest polyethylene posters they could get for 3 different sizes of Clear Channel Billboards (30 Sheet Eco Posters; 10’ 6”x 36’ Eco-Wraps and 14’x 48’ Eco-Wraps). Clear Channel’s Memphis sales manager, Will Gossett, knew exactly what they needed and where to get GlowFlex™ PolyPosters and GlowFlex™ PolyWraps.

Clear Channel-Memphis experienced our GlowFlex™ PolyPosters, with total success, since January of 2009. Our client RK Gun Shows has at least one show in Memphis every quarter. Memphis loves it’s Gun Show and RK Shows knows how to bring ‘em in with Clear Channel Billboards and our exciting GlowFlex™ PolyPosters.

Will Gossett wanted to save Mid-South money by producing their wraps with polyethylene, just like their 30 sheet posters, instead of using more costly PVC. The photos to the right are proof of what we do in unison with Clear Channel. This is real, exciting and even brighter viewed in person.

We ship our GlowFlex™ PolyPosters and GlowFlex™ PolyWraps to Clear Channel Outdoor; CBS Outdoor and Lamar Outdoor Markets coast-to-coast daily.

Sold on the advertising power of outdoor billboard posters? Then get the full benefit with our GlowFlex™ products.

Want more sales traffic? Want greater event attendance? Put the brightest billboard posters on this planet to work.

We harness the power of Light Energy, true Eco-technology, thru our Xtreme Inks, manufactured in-house since 1992 to our own formulations. Our depth of color and durability are legend.

GlowFlex™ PolyPosters and GlowFlex™ PolyWraps are the Brightest Eco Billboard Posters ever produced. Let us brighten your image.

“Part Art...Part Science...All Technology and Always Seen.”

All photos in this publication are supplied by Clear Channel-Memphis, TN. We name the source to verify authenticity. There is no re-touching, enhancement or alteration of the photos because none is necessary. All posters were printed with GlowFlex™ Xtreme Inks, formulated and manufactured by Design Dynamics, Inc. This publication and all of it’s elements are the copyrighted intellectual property of Design Dynamics, Inc. with all rights reserved, and shall not be used or reproduced for any purpose. Copyright 2010

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