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GlowFlex™ POWER/The Eye/The Brain

Normal field of vision for the human eye is 60 degrees, measured 30 degrees from each eye. Practical peripheral vision spans 120 degrees. Claims of peripheral vision to 180 are made. As we go further from 60, we lose focus. Only blurs of movement and light are distinguished between 120 and 180.

The retina of the eye is a transducer, tied (wired) directly to the brain. When the image from the retina to the brain stimulates intense interest (brightness), the field of vision immediately narrows to 6 degrees as the brain demands extreme focus. Images outside this 6 path of focal interest are left abandoned by the brain and dismissed as superficially unimportant. They remain there, but are insignificant.

GlowFlex™ PolyPosters™, GlowFlex™ PolyPosters™ and DigiGlowFlex PolyProducts™ take full advantage of the Power of ReRadiation. They absorb Light Energy then send out, up to 300 times the available ambient Light Energy to the viewer’s retina moving directly to the brain, creating intense stimulation through the brightness of our Xtreme GloFlex Inks™. Once the 6 degree focus criteria is met, all surrounding advertising images are abandoned by the brain and retina. They are still there, but of no consequence.

This human physiological reaction is as predictable as breathing. Both are involuntary reflex actions and thus guaranteed to occur. The relationship between the eye and the brain continues with the brain commanding focus, as long as the eyelid is open, allowing the retina to receive images. Eye function is never independent of the brain.

Now, for your own test. Try to focus on the Smirnoff-Fiesta poster to the left of our Crossroads of the West Gun Shows GlowFlex™PolyPoster™. Which poster continues to draw your focus?

Uncanny isn’t it?

The Power of ReRadiation of Light Energy thru GlowFlex™ Colorants is harnessed by our exclusive Xtreme GlowFlex™ Ink Formulations and is even more dramatic when viewed live and in person. Photographs only hint of the brightness of our posters.
This photo is supplied by Clear Channel Outdoor-Las Vegas and ADvise-San Diego. The lighting conditions and viewing opportunity are identical for both posters. The Smirnoff poster is printed with digital inks. The Gun Show poster is printed with Xtreme GlowFlex™ Inks™, formulated and manufactured by Design Dynamics, Inc.

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