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Design Dynamics Celebrates The Marriage of Digital & Screen Print.

In some cultures, we jumped the broom, in others we smashed the glass or tied the knot. In any event we exchanged I do's because, we do. We have officially united Digital Ink Jet Printing to Screen Printing in the same poster. In addition to our regular photographic (half-tone and full four-color) capabilities, we are capable of producing short-run, affordable, digitally produced full-color poster elements.

This is not that flimsy Estat paper. You treat our digital paper just like regular 70 pound paper.

Here are examples of what can be done for your clients. These 36-sheets demonstrate design use and sales pricing. The fisherman in the digital photos is Design Dynamic's President John Provich with fish that he caught at the barrier reef off the coast of Belize in Central America. The couple in the fourth design example are Linda Davis and John Provich on a TropicAir commuter flight from Placencia Village to Belize City, C.A.

Digital Photo on a Bleed Poster
Photo is 58.5"w x 125"h

Digital Photo on a Bleed Poster
Photo is 58.5"w x 125"h

Digital Photo on a Bleed Poster
Photo is 58.5"w x 125"h

Digital Photo on a Bleed Poster
Photo is 118"w x 73"h

Every account executive has encountered clients that expect full color photographs on orders of 5 and 10. Now you can go to your clients and say yes we can do it and it's affordable by using our new digital techniques to personalize posters. Whether it's a car lot owner, restaurateur, or the owner/manager of any business, we can put them, or any subject or product that they want, on any segment of any poster order in full color and still do the rest of the copy or background in spot color to make an excitingly affordable poster. This new wedding of digital ink jet printing and spot color printing should excite every designer, AE, sales manager, and GM in the industry because it equates to new and increased sales and an exciting looking billboard plant.

We've been working on this technology and testing ink and substrates for a long time. Finally, it is now an exciting production reality. Our combination of Digital and Spot Color should be the sales dream of every AE in the business.

Because of our pre-press breakthroughs, our turn-around capability has been sped up dramatically . We have all but eliminated our projector enlargement department by implementing high speed plotter/cutters to go right from computer to stencil, then straight into print at an astounding speed. Print time is still print time, but we can get every order into print faster than any other company in the outdoor industry.

In the area of color, we have added genuine metallic gold to our in-house manufactured printing ink line. Previously, a "true" gold was not possible for outdoor because gold colored pigment came from iron filings that would actually rust outdoors. Now we have overcome that problem with new pigments and can offer a real metallic gold to go along with our outdoor metallic copper and silver inks.

Beginning with the year 2000, and into the new millennium, we find this to be the most exciting time that we've ever encountered at Design Dynamics and Pittsburgh Poster. It's both ironic and amazing that we have developed all of these major technological breakthroughs right at the turn of the new century.

28 years ago, a couple of kids, Linda Davis and John Provich co-founded Design Dynamics, Inc. They have continued to expand the company because of their many friends and loyal clients in the outdoor industry. Our production technology has always been unique and of our own making because we use imagination and continue to look forward into the future of outdoor billboard posters and printing. Pittsburgh Poster emerged a few years ago as a division of Design Dynamics to better define our geographical location and the products we produce.

Today we printed photographic posters for the LPGA Tour without the use of camera film. Instead, we generated positives directly from our computers. This is a technological marvel that we have been developing for a very long time, and it works. This will now speed up photographic production.

What's next? Lasers, "GlowFlex" Ink©, and lots more...are on tap. We've just begun this new era of development, and we're having fun bringing these new breakthroughs to you. Thank you for visiting our web site. Stop back often to see what's new. Mark us as a Favorite. We look forward to assisting you with all of your printing needs. Did you check out our life sized talking Campaign Clones?©1999

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