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2' x 2', 4' x 4' or 8' x 8'
Yard Signs

We've been printing these campaign posters since the beginning. They're responsible for a lot of successful elections and re-elections. BIG IMPACT!
This original system is what political campaigns have used for a hundred years. Look closely at these posters because of the exciting impact that you can achieve with them. We suggest the 4'x4' or our colossal 8'x8'. The 8'x8' was actually invented by one of our long-time political clients that became a good friend from years of re-election. Our friends swear by them. This size poster and it's supporting structure are easy to erect. Their impact is extraordinary and even rivals commercially leased billboards. We'll provide you with complete instructions and even a schematic of the structure for the 8'x8' size assembly. The 8'x8' size signs have had a hard to believe, but incredible 100% election win record for every candidate that has purchased them from us. No guarantee intended. BIG POSTERS...BIG VALUE...BIGGER RESULTS!

Remember, we can print or adapt your existing design, or custom design one for you (no additional charge) using 100% spot-color (solid color), 100% four-color photographic, 100% digital or any combination of these processes.

XTreme GlowFlex Ink™ / NO EXTRA CHARGE!
(Our Fluorescent Inks are priced as regular colors)

Example of Our Big 2' x 2' Sign

1999 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003

Examples of Our Powerful 4' x 4' Sign

1999 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003 2011 Design Denymics, Inc. 15003 2009 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003


Example of Our Colossal 8' x 8' Sign

1999 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003

Other Services
We provide experienced, expert advice and campaign strategy for mounting and displaying all of your signs.

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