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8.75" x 28" Pole Signs

Pole Signs are inexpensive and have been a strong part of political campaigns for over 200 years. These signs serve a purpose of their own and have proven themselves election after election. They're an effective tradition.

Our 8.75" x 28" pole signs are printed on 10-ply (36 pt.) outdoor board.

We can print or adapt your existing design or custom design one for you (no additional charge) in 100% spot-color (solid color), 100% four-color photographic or a combination of both.

XTreme GlowFlex Ink™ / NO EXTRA CHARGE!
(Our Fluorescent Inks are priced as regular colors)

Some examples of Our Pole Signs

1999 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003 1999 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003 1999 Design Dynamics, Inc. 15003

Other Services
We provide experienced, expert advice and campaign strategy for mounting and displaying all of your signs.

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