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3-D Scary Clowns

Clown Heads...GlowFlex™ 3-D...Black Light

Installation of our “Light Weight, Super Strong” GlowFlex™ 3-D Blacklight PolyPanels is easier than anything you’ve done in the past. Get rid of heavy plywood, hammers and nails. Use the easy installation of our GlowFlex™ 3-D Panels to liven up the excitement of your Haunt by adding our all new “W-O-W FACTOR”. This page is devoted to Clown Heads. What makes a clown scary?

If clowns are scary, is a Rogues’ Gallery of Evil Clown Faces/Heads more frightening than whole clowns? Think “
Coulrophobia” (The Fear of Clowns) what do you think is the most frightening PsychoPhenomenon? Does fear come from the whole clown or from the face of the clown?

Blood, guts and gore are not necessary to produce the “Fear Factor”. In fact, blood guts and gore are a turn off to many people and a reason enough for many people to stay away from Haunted Attractions.

Our GlowFlex™ 3-D PolyPanels are High-Tech. With ChromaDepth© 3D Glasses and Black Light Illumination you’ll give achieve both the ”W-O-W Factor” and “The Fear Factor” with an all new look to your Haunt Attraction.

Put on your ChromaDepth© 3D Glasses!

If one Clown is SCARY, then a Group of Clowns is


^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 32 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 33 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 34 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 35 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 36 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 37 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 38 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 39 ^

^ 4'x8' Scary Clown Group 40 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 41 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 42 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 43 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 44 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 45 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 46 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 47 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 48 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 49 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 50 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 51 ^

^ 4'x4' Clown 52 ^


^ 4'x4' Clown 53 ^


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